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Nicknamed "The Druid City" after its many magnificent oak trees, Tuscaloosa is continually listed in the top third of America's most livable communities.  The emphasis in this modern growing city is on business, industry, education, agriculture, medicine, and hospital services.  Tuscaloosa has also managed in a very definite way to keep the atmosphere of culture, tradition and antebellum beauty that draws praise and appreciation from great numbers of visitors.
Elevation:   Area:  
  225 feet above sea level  

City of Tuscaloosa ? 56.06 square miles
City of Northport ? 11.4 square miles
T uscaloosa County ? 1,340 square miles

Time:   Population:  
  Central Standard, November ? March
Central Daylight, April ? October
  Tuscaloosa County        164,875
City of Tuscaloosa         77,906
City of Northport           19,435
Climate:   Distances:  
  Mean annual temp - 63.4 ° F
Lowest mean temp. (Jan.) - 46.9 ° F
Highest mean temp. (Jul.) - 81.7 ° F
Average rainfall - 52.46 inches
  Birmingham, AL               58 Miles
Atlanta, GA                     198 Miles
Memphis, TN                   197 Miles
New Orleans, LA              294 Miles

Arts Council
The Arts Council of Tuscaloosa's home page.

Children's Hands On Museum (CHOM)
CHOM is for kids of all ages. Group and individual rates, information on exhibits, etc. can be found on this web site.

City of Tuscaloosa
This is the official site for the City of Tuscaloosa.

Downtown Urban Development
This is the City of Tuscaloosa's website for the Downtown Urban Renewal project. Click here to see what the urban renewal plan is all about.

Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform
This is the official site for a public interest group dedicated to helping Alabamians draft a new constitution for a new century.

Kentuck Festival of the Arts
Kentuck Festival of the Arts is a two-day juried arts festival which attracts more than 30,000 visitors to historic downtown Northport, Alabama.

Red Cross - West Alabama Chapter
Everyday the West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross is helping to make West Alabama the safest place to live, work, play or go to school. The Red Cross responds to disasters and saves lives, as well as, providing many other programs.

Roll Tide
The official web site of University of Alabama Athletics.

Shelton State Community College
Shelton State Community College Home Page.

Stillman College
Stillman College Home Page.

Tuscaloosa Convention & Visitors Bureau
The Tuscaloosa CVB promotes tourism in Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa County
This is the home page of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency
This is the home page of Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency.

Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority
The Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority's virtual tour of Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa Public Library
Tuscaloosa Public Library's website has a vast aray of information on available books, research materials and local events.

University of Alabama
The University of Alabama Home Page.

University of Alabama Museums
This site includes information about all of the University of Alabama museums. Museums include The Alabama Museum of Natural History, The Gorgas House, Moundville Archeological Park and The Paul W. Bryant Museum.

University of Alabama School of Music
View the facilities of Moody Music Building or check out the music calendar of the U of A school of music.

West Alabama Regional Commission
The scope of the council's work includes economic and community development, transportation planning, nutrition and assistance programs for the elderly, a part-time employment program for low income senior citizens, technical assistance, tourism promotion, and public information.

Community Development

The nonprofit organization promoting excellence in research for economic and community development with the increasing economic importance of information and the growing recognition of those who are skilled in analyzing data, community researchers and economic developers play a vital role. The one professional organization informing, educating and developing these professionals is ACCRA.

Center For Economic and Business Research
Source for information of Alabama's people and its economy. Prepares and provides data which can assist you in developing a marketing plan.

Community Connection
A part of the Office of Community Planning and Development at HUD, it serves the public and agencies of all kinds interested in housing and community development.

Council for Urban Economic Development
Since 1967, CUED has grown become an organization offering a variety of services to economic development practitioners and other allied organizations.

Downtown Research & Development Center
The Downtown Research & Development Center is an independent organization which, since 1954, has analyzed and reported on downtown problems and solutions in an effort to provide a focus for revitalizing our cities.

Economic Development Analysis Data
Interested in using economic development data to analyze local and regional economies? Here are links to over 125 data sources on the Web. These data sources have been compiled as part of a study funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administrat ion to assess the adequacy of existing socioeconomic data sources for use in economic development analysis.

Foundation for Rural Services
Dedicated to developing and implementing up-to-date telecommunications networks and industries in rural areas, and overall improving the quality of rural life in America.

Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama
Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama.

Rural Development
This site provides information on the programs, ideas and ways in which the public can become involved with issues such as health care, water and sewage, electric and telephone services, arts programs, as well as, economic support such as business loans and investing in the rural areas of the U.S. in order to improve the quality of life there.

Southern Growth Policies Board
Resources focused on the diverse, interrelated factors affecting the southern region's economic base.

United States Chamber of Commerce
A wealth of information on business development and research.

Urban Land Institute
This is a link that puts you in touch with the many aspects of the community and land planning that this institute provides. You can access information about land use, real estate planning and developing, and how to use the land most efficiently while keeping high standards.


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